Top 10 Best Men’s Balaclavas In 2017 Reviews

Everyone desires to have good times filled with fun and laughter. Outdoor sporting such as snowboarding and skiing takes care of this. However, weather conditions may hinder this fact resulting in a spoilt time at the end of the day. Necessity being the mother of invention brought about the balaclavas, which refer to items that are worn to cover the head, neck and ears. Most of them extend down to the shoulders. Leaving your face exposed to harsh weather conditions such as sharp wind and winter can result in skin irritation and sometimes results in medical condition.

Balaclavas ensures your face is warm despite the kind of sport one engages in. Over the years, this type of clothing has become popular in other industries such as motorcycling, firefighters and electrical workers. To fit in this sector, the balaclava is worn in conjunction with other elements, in particular, the personal protective equipment.

Men’s Balaclavas have also evolved regarding the looks and comfort. In the past, these clothing were scary and preserved only for the military. This has changed with everyone feeling comfortable wearing them. Highly ranked Balaclavas this year include:

10. Motorcycling Lycra Balaclava full-face mask

10 Motorcycling Lycra Balaclava full-face mask
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This is light grey in colour specially fitted with sun UV protection. Be it the wind, the sun, rain or snow, your face is under maximum protection from these harmful factors. It is made of high-quality Lycra making it soft and comfortable. It has a breathable material allowing ease in breathing but ultra-protection. It can be used all year round and is practical. Its simplicity makes it a great accessory in both fashion and functionality.

9. Crimson Climate

9 Crimson Climate
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It is black in colour with its application being Skiing, Hiking, Cycling, Motorcycling and Snowboarding. It can also fit under any helmet and can be used in winters and summers. Its benefits include the best moisture-wicking layer for cold sports, interior wicks that remove sweat and trap heat and a comfortable four-way stretch. This Balaclava combines fashion and functionality and it is of unique class bearing it can be adjusted in six different ways

8. SySrion

8 SySrion
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This is a must have for every sportsman. It is designed to suit wearing it as a scarf, neck warmer, hat or hood. The elastic neck ensures perfect fitting with the microfleece giving one an incredible comfort and warmth. The features of this item are outstanding such as full face and neck coverage design, protection from outdoor cold weather and high quality. It is made of soft and comfortable materials ensuring one’s comfort.

7. BlackStrap

7 BlackStrap
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The blackstrap Balaclava Hood presents one with a versatile design satisfying the ultimate recreationist. It is suitable for people doing fishing, hunting, biking and other outdoor activities. It is made to ensure heat is dissipated depending on one’s activities. Additionally, it is fitted with Tri-Blend fabrics, which work together to provide maximum insulation when it is cold and a thermoregulation when it is warm.

6. Tinshy

6 Tinshy
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The Tinshy is a ghost Skull Balaclava. It is made of cotton with an elastic thread to suit different sizes of head. Fading is avoided despite the number of times the silkscreen printing washes it. It is a perfect garment for skiing and outdoor gaming. Talk about Halloween; this is the perfect match for you.

5. The Friendly Swede

5 The Friendly Swede
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Suitable for summer and winter sports, the Friendly Swede Balaclava is a versatile sporting garment that provides ultimate protection for one’s head, neck and face. No more worry over heat loss, windburns and sunstroke. It is made from four way stretch with the polyester percentage varying in the two versions i.e. regular and Nordic versions. They are durable and comfortable but not suitable for children.

4. Your Choice

4 Your Choice
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Best suited for outdoor winter sports. The features are attractive to every person. They include high-quality polyester material that is super soft, windproof and warm enough. It is also occasioned for different ways by its multi-functional facemask design. It is also adjustable according to one face size. Its applications include fishing, hunting, cycling, snowmobiling and other outworks in the cold weather. Its lightweight allows for easy carrying and storage.

3. NovaLava

3 NovaLava
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This Balaclava is thin Multi-functional sports mask, which can be full or half. Best suited for cycling, hunting, skiing, motorcycling, running and snowboarding. The details of this item are numerous making it attractive and a must have especially for sports people. It is light in weight with a thin fabric that is flexible and comfortable. Maximum UVA/UVB radiation protection is ensured. It is black in colour, made in Korea and can be washed by Machine.

2. Proven Platinum

2 Proven Platinum
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The Proven Platinum Balaclava is a black facial mask for cycling. It the best protection from the cold weather while cycling in the rain, cold and harsh wind. It is crafted using quality breathable fabric offering you maximum facial protection. It is shaped well enough to prevent overheating and vision obstruction. It is the perfect match for any adventure. Additional features include machine washable, moisture wicking and one size fits all.

1. Joyoldelf

1 Joyoldelf
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The Old elf is a tactical heavyweight outdoor sports mask whose one size can fit all. Its colours include dark grey, blue, military green and black. It is thick making it warmer. Can be used as a hat, scarf, scarves, or a mask. Its functions range from hiking, skiing, cycling and other winter outdoor sports


Not only are the balaclavas used for positive actions. Incidences of crimes where the responsible wore balaclavas have been recorded. Initially, balaclavas became common to special police forces to hide their identity, which before then, had brought intimidation from organised crimes. Russia, in particular, had its police officers conduct raids on white-collar premises while wearing balaclavas. This concealed their facial expressions and possibilities of identification became difficult.

When shopping for balaclavas, one needs to look at different aspects before making a purchase. The sporting activity and weather conditions are the key determinants. However, one’s comfort is equally important which depends on the design and material. It is also important to select the garment that can be adjusted to suit different applications. One also needs to be generous enough and choose a balaclava that can be used by people of varying head and face sizes. Fashion and elegance go hand in hand and to make your winter rock, consider something of note but also pocket-friendly. Embrace the winter as if it is summer with an attractive, comfortable balaclava.

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